Targeting Major Clinical Decision Points in Prostate Cancer

Millions of men live with prostate cancer. ImaginAb’s technology seeks to save lives by correctly assessing the extent of disease in high-risk patient populations so that better clinical decisions can be made.

Prostate-specific membrane antigen, or PSMA, is a protein that’s highly expressed in the vast majority of prostate cancers. ImaginAb’s clinical-stage product for PSMA, IAB2M, has been shown to provide considerably more sensitive and specific images than conventional strategies used to evaluate metastatic prostate cancer patients.

Unlike small-molecule strategies, IAB2M has the advantage of being hepatically cleared, meaning that there is no renal (kidney) clearance and no bladder signal to obfuscate small lesions in the prostate bed or pelvis.

ImaginAb also expects to impact the clinical development of therapeutics, particularly in the anti-androgen space, as existing “accepted” measures of radiographic progression are insensitive and biased toward late-stage disease.  Therapy management in 30% of patients in the metastatic / biochemical recurrence disease setting and 55% in the high risk new diagnosis setting.

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