Explore the unique science behind CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging

ImaginAb have developed an antibody fragment, known as a ‘minibody’ to scan the physical immune response status using a mapping marker known as CD8. CD8 positive T-cells (known as cytotoxic T cells) are central to our immune response to disease.

Immunotherapies work to prevent cancer cells stopping and hiding from our natural immune responses, by blocking immune checkpoints.

These ‘checkpoint inhibitors’ and next generation drugs are rapidly becoming central in the fight against cancer.

The result is an entire physical profile of a patient’s total immune status and the ability to identify response to treatment quicker.

Discover the advanced benefits of CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging

A smart vision for immuno oncology

Integrating smart imaging technology into the life science and healthcare markets with a pioneering solution.

See The Bigger Picture

Discover CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging and gain greater insight, clarity and patient care through pioneering body scans.

A picture is worth 1,000 critical care answers

Demand more from immuno oncology biomarkers with CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging

The future of immuno oncology patient care paths

Move from microscopic readouts to seeing the bigger treatment picture. CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging visualizes a patient’s real time response to treatments, resulting in increased clarity and greater care.

Simple to administer

Entirely non-invasive and requiring no patient preparation, a thorough body scan can be created before, during or after treatment, delivering insightful data for more informed decisions.

Whole body measurements of CD8 cells

Our CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging creates an in-depth real time profile of how a patient is responding, or not responding to a cancer treatment.

Identify treatment response quicker

It delivers results faster, identifying whether a treatment should be continued with our stopped. This significantly reduces costs of developing new treatments while providing reassurance to patients that they are receiving the best possible treatment for them.

Why partner with ImaginAb

Trials on 3 continents

Trials on 3 continents

In the last 3 years, we have extended our operations so that we can offer clinical trials within the US, Europe and Australia.

Non-stop support

Non-stop support

We’re here for you at every stage with implementation support and operations imaging protocols ICF, IND, IRB and user training.

A team of industry experts

A team of industry experts

Our team are established industry experts, made up of commercial and operational leaders from the pharmaceutical, biotech and radiopharmaceuticals industries.

A network of sites

A network of sites

We have an extensive network of ImmunoPET Imaging sites, validated and trained for our unique CD8 imaging technology.

"At ImaginAb, we believe in seeing more than a microscopic tumor sample - we believe in seeing the bigger picture"

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Industry Leaders thoughts about CD8 ImmunoPET

Todd Binder

Todd Binder

Chief Executive Officer, Neuvogen

89Zr CD8 Immuno-PET imaging agents provide access to "highly specific and precise imaging of the presence of CD8 T Cells in solid tumors over time."

Jonathan Zalevsky, Ph.D

Jonathan Zalevsky, Ph.D

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Nektar Therapeutics

"We now have access to a novel and important technology that can simultaneously measure CD8+ T cells in multiple tissues, including all target and non-target tumor lesions...we have the potential to use this technology in future clinical trials to potentially expedite the development of our immuno-oncology pipeline therapies."

Prof. Florian Gantner

Prof. Florian Gantner

Head of Translational Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, Boehringer Ingelheim

CD8 T cell imaging "will deliver information on whether the patients’ tumors are inflamed and whether they respond to treatment. This bears great potential to support better treatment decisions for the patient as well as faster selection of the best candidate compounds for the development of immuno oncologic treatments"

Prof. Dr. Bernd Pichler

Prof. Dr. Bernd Pichler

Director of Preclinical Imaging and Radiopharmacy at the University Hospital Tübingen

"With ImaginAb, we have gained a partner that is internationally pioneering in the field of immune imaging technology. Coupled with our expertise in translational imaging and radiopharmacy, we hope to make a positive contribution to improving cancer immunotherapies by means of clinical trials."

Join us to reimagine the future of immuno oncology.