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ImaginAb are united with a number of global pharmaceutical leaders, world-class clinicians and innovative biotech firms to deliver pioneering solutions to the healthcare market.

With the right partners, our vision is supported, our capability is strengthened and our ability to progress clinical trials and drive growth in our ever-evolving sector is unstoppable.

Join us and together we will transform the immuno oncology patient care path, reimagining a world where painful, repeat biopsies belong in the past.

Collaboration Group

We have signed a multi-party collaboration agreement with the following 3 organisations focused on furthering the clinical development of our CD8 ImmunoPET technology.



Pfizer continues to be a great partner of ImaginAb and supporter of our efforts to develop innovative PET imaging technology further.

ImaginAb Announces License and Supply Agreement with Pfizer for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology

Astra Zeneca

Astra Zeneca

We've partnered with Astra Zeneca to facilitate clinical development of their novel immunotherapies and to advance the clinical utility of our CD8 ImmunoPET.

ImaginAb Announces Licensing Deal with AstraZeneca for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology



We work with Takeda to innovate the tracking of immune responses associated with novel immuno-oncology therapies and relate these to anti-tumor responses in patients.

ImaginAb signs multi-party collaboration agreement with three global pharmaceutical companies



We are thrilled about our collaboration with Roche, a leading pharmaceutical company focused on cancer treatment and diagnostics

ImaginAb Announces Collaboration on CD8 Imaging Agent with Roche


One of the foremost global leaders in immuno-oncology, our partnership offers the potential to accelerate clinical development of next generation immunotherapeutics.

Collaboration with Merck Imaging Agent


We are excited to work with Neuvogen and support the clinical development of their novel therapeutic cancer vaccine candidates.

ImaginAb and NEUVOGEN Announce Licensing Agreement for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology

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