At ImaginAb, we believe in a future without repeat, painful biopsies.

Reimagining the future

A future where we can utilise our advanced technology to deliver more precise, timely immune response data and demand more from predictive biomarkers, without sacrificing patient comfort.

As a leader in next generation immuno oncology imaging, we have the expertise and innovations to make this a reality.

We exist to Challenge, Create and to Transform.


The conventional route to immuno oncology response, innovating for greater precision and patient care.


State-of-the-art imaging solutions to equip physicians with what they need to gain in-depth knowledge of how a patient is responding to treatment.


The biotech space with pioneering alternative approaches, helping patients live better and healthier lives.


ImaginAb is a pioneering biotech company, innovating for tomorrow with modern radiopharmaceutical advances.

Guided by an established team of clinical experts and scientific innovators, our aim is to deliver visionary healthcare solutions with a vision to transform patient care, and help patients live better and healthier lives.

We develop advanced imaging solutions to revolutionize the Life Science and healthcare markets with modern-day alternatives to repeat, painful and outdated biopsies.

Our vision is to transform the future of immuno oncology care paths

We assist physicians with the precise insight they need to make smarter, more timely decisions on treatment paths, while delivering greater comfort and quality of life to patients.

Our ImmunoPET Imaging scans the entire body and visualizes the effects of treatments head to toe with in vivo imaging of CD8 T-cells.

In addition to this, we are also utilizing our antibody fragment platform technologies to develop best-in-class therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Our team is made up of medical experts and scientific innovators and we aspire to and are confident that we will become the new standard in routine patient management; accelerating the progression of clinical trials, transforming patient care and helping people live better, healthier lives.




The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), headquartered in Reston, Va., is a nonprofit scientific and professional organization that promotes the science, technology and practical application of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

Join us to reimagine the future of immuno oncology.