Medical breakthroughs depend on successful clinical trials. Yet every clinical trial poses industry-standard challenges – the critical need for precision and the demand to manage the trial cost-effectively.

ImaginAb can help to meet these needs. We assist physicians all over the world by equipping them with ImmunoPET Imaging technology, the smart digital-age alternative to painful repeat biopsies.

We are helping, every day, to accelerate immuno oncology care paths by enhancing medical knowledge and extending the scope of future cancer advances.

We aspire to and are confident that we can become the new standard in routine patient management, transforming patient care, improving health and enhancing lives.

Join us in transforming patient’s comforts today and extending their lives tomorrow by participating in or partnering with us on innovative biopharmaceutical research.

Why partner with ImaginAb?


Whole body measurements of CD8 cells

Our CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging creates an in-depth head to toe profile of how a patient is responding, or not responding to a cancer treatment.


Identify treatment response quicker

Our CD8 ImmunoPET imaging phase II clinical trial continues to show positive outcomes. CD8 ImmunoPET enables physicians to identify much quicker, often within 4 weeks, whether a treatment path should be continued or stopped.


Simple to administer

Entirely non-invasive and requiring no patient preparation, a thorough body scan can be created before, during or after treatment, delivering insightful data for more informed decisions.


Expert support and help

ImaginAb's scientific and operational team will guide and support you at every turn, helping you to implement our technology quickly and effectively.

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Trials on 3 continents

In the last 3 years we have extended our operations and can offer clinical trials within the US, Europe, and Australia.

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