Why ImaginAb?

As a pioneering biotech company, innovating for tomorrow, we are focused on developing next generation immuno oncology imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy (or RPT).

To help us, we are constantly searching for likeminded people who share the same passion and desire to constantly challenge ‘the norm’ and create new ways to help physicians make quicker and more informed decisions on treatment paths, improve treatment outcomes and transform patient care.

Working at ImaginAb is more than just a career

You’ll be joining a fast-moving and progressive biotech company with market-leading technology and a global team of dedicated and passionate innovators, analysts, scientists and business professionals who work together with a clear purpose and vision.

Our Vision

Be the lead diagnostic and treatment choice, helping patients live better and healthier lives.

Our Purpose

To challenge, to create and to transform patient care.


The conventional route to immuno oncology response, innovating for greater precision and patient care.


State-of-the-art imaging solutions to equip physicians with what they need to gain in-depth knowledge of how a patient is responding to treatment.


The biotech space with pioneering alternative approaches, helping patients live better and healthier lives.


What makes ImaginAb different?

Quite simply we believe we are different. We are a small but dynamic business with a strong culture which we are proud of. We are diverse, inclusive and believe in working closely as one team with our colleagues as well as our key external partners. We look for the best and invest in our people, and take pride in having a team of passionate and diligent people, working together with a united purpose.

Our Values

One Team

Collaborative, supportive and accountable, we work together as one team in everything that we do.


Always drive to do the right thing … and treat people with respect

Customer Focused

Challenging ourselves to do what’s best and creating an exceptional experience …whatever it takes

High performance

We strive to be the very best, in absolutely everything that we do. Always look to learn, improve and strive to be the best

Transforming though innovation

Stay open minded and seek new and better ways


Look at what can be done better, faster … don’t accept the norm and expect change


Always believe a better way exists


Enjoy your time … have fun

Career Openings

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Here's why our passionate team love working for ImaginAb

Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith

VP, Business Strategy

I joined ImaginAb in February 2021 to lead the expansion of the company into Europe and support the numerous pharmaceutical company partnerships in the region. No two days are the same for the team at ImaginAb, with so many new studies in plan and starting up there is a real buzz about our ImmunoPET program. We get to work at the forefront of cancer treatment with our pharma partners looking at next generation immunotherapies and working to better understand how these can best serve patients.

Alongside our partnership, ImaginAb’s own clinical development is working towards predicting which patients will respond to immunotherapy. This program has the potential to have a positive impact on a huge number of cancer patients, minimizing biopsies and the risk of undesirable effects from treatment. Knowing this makes every week is exciting, challenging and gives a real sense of purpose to the whole team.

Matt Ennis

Matt Ennis

Director - Business Development

Since joining ImaginAb, I am very much enjoying being at the intersection of advanced imaging techniques, immuno-oncology, and radiotherapy, all fields that are experiencing robust growth with enormous potential to transform patient care. It has been an amazing experience to be part of the team at ImaginAb that is challenging the status quo of IO drug development and pushing to make the process more efficient through the use of CD8 ImmunoPET which can provide relevant clinical information earlier than standard methods

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