New analysis of Phase II data at AACR assesses ImaginAb’s investigational CD8 ImmunoPET technology’s ability to predict response in immunotherapy

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 14th, 2023 – ImaginAb Inc., a global biotechnology company developing 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam (CD8 ImmunoPETTM) imaging agent and radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPT) announces a poster presentation at AACR 2023 (# 3577 / 2 Poster PET, MRI, and CT Imaging April 18, 2023) of an independent analysis undertaken by AstraZeneca (LSE/STO/Nasdaq: AZN), on data from ImaginAb’s IAB-CD8-201 ‘iCorrelate’ Phase II study. The analysis shows baseline and early on-treatment CD8 ImmunoPET/CT may be able to distinguish responders from non-responders in patients receiving standard of care immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy. The poster analysis notes:

  • Adopting a lesion scoring system based on measurements from CD8 ImmunoPET/CT stratification is achieved at a median of 35 days, providing response evaluation at a much earlier time point than RECIST where the median best is 105 days.
  • Complementarity of CD8 ImmunoPET and CT measurements, as shown by the substantial reduction in discriminative power between the two cohorts when restricting the lesion scoring system to either the CD8 ImmunoPET uptake or CT measurements alone.

Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb, said:

“These results of the independent data analysis highlight the potential for CD8 ImmunoPET/CT to be used as a robust decision maker in investigational immunotherapy trials for early assessment of pharmacodynamic response, which may help establish drug mechanism of action, prioritization of indications/tumor types, dose optimization and escalation, and to evaluate efficacy of mono vs combination therapies.”


Potdevin, G

A first assessment of CD8-PET/CT with 89-Zr-Crefmirlimab as predictive biomarker for response to standard of care immunotherapy in patients with solid tumors.

Abstract # 3577/2 /Poster

PET, MRI, and CT Imaging

18 April 2023

About ImaginAb

A clinical stage, revenue-generating global biotechnology company developing next-generation imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy products through its proprietary minibody and cys-diabody platforms. The lead candidate, CD8 ImmunoPET™, is currently in Phase II clinical trials and has been licensed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies for use in immunotherapy clinical trials.

About CD8 ImmunoPET™

An 89Zr-labelled minibody designed to bind to the CD8 receptor on human T cells for quantitative, non-invasive PET imaging. This method is currently being researched to determine whether it may be used to diagnose the immune status of a patient, to measure the efficacy of immunotherapies and predict patient outcomes.

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