Matthew Hoover, Director of Sales joins ImaginAb to expand the utilization of CD8 ImmunoPET™ in I/O clinical trials

January 30, 2024

Matthew Hoover, Director of Sales joins us as an experienced Business Development and Nuclear Medicine Technology (PET/CT imaging) professional. Matthew shares more about his career journey, his perspective on the outlook of Nuclear Medicine and what he looks forward to achieving in his new role at ImaginAb.

As the Director of Sales at ImaginAb, Matthew Hoover brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. With a background as a former Nuclear Medicine Technologist specializing in PET/CT imaging, Mr. Hoover has first-hand experience in imaging patients at numerous general and oncology-focused centers across the United States.

His career includes overseeing nationwide PET/CT imaging efforts for DMS Health Technologies (formerly, a Digirad Company), where he played a pivotal role in implementing the use of innovative radiopharmaceuticals. His contributions were not only limited to imaging but extended to strategic leadership, making a significant impact on the sales and marketing strategy for Digirad. In this role, he also led next-generation nuclear medicine equipment projects, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field.

Mr. Hoover's journey in the medical imaging industry continued as he spent valuable time building an international oncology imaging core lab service offering for an imaging contract research organization. This experience allowed him to contribute to the global landscape of oncology imaging services, highlighting his versatility and dedication to advancing healthcare solutions.

With his extensive background and proven track record, Matthew Hoover plays a crucial role in driving sales initiatives at ImaginAb. His unique perspective, derived from hands-on experience as a technologist and leadership roles in prominent companies, positions him as an asset in the field of molecular imaging.

Matthew is eager to see what the future holds for the nuclear medicine industry, as there has been an enormous uptick in radiopharmaceutical development over the past few years. He views the incorporation of CD8 ImmunoPET™ in clinical trials worldwide as a great decision-making tool for patients and as a way for the research community to potentially make faster progress with their therapeutic candidates.

The decision to join the ImaginAb team was an easy choice for Mr. Hoover to make, as it aligns with his passion and allows him to provide access to the CD8 ImmunoPET™ imaging agent to patients around the world. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that this radiopharmaceutical is accessible and considered a valuable decision-making tool for every I/O clinical trial.

Outside of the office, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children. He can oftentimes be found at either a lacrosse field, gymnastics practice or meet, or soccer field and occasionally finds the time to go kayaking, hiking, and play in his garden.

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