Clinical Grade 89Zr-Oxine Cell Labeling

ImaginAb is excited to announce the availability of clinical grade 89Zr-Oxine for ex vivo labeling of cell-based products.

Cell labeling with 89Zr-Oxine enables subsequent in vivo monitoring of the biodistribution of cell-based products using standard PET cameras and labeling does not affect cell function. The labeling process is simple and can be done at most clinical sites.

89Zr-Oxine cell labeling can support clinical development by allowing:

  • In vivo monitoring of biodistribution to improve understanding of cell fate over time 
  • Visualization off target accumulation – anticipate safety/AEs
  • Quantify proportion cell product getting to the tumor/non-target tissue
  • Confirm persistence of product at tumor
  • Synergistic to ImaginAb’s 89Zr-Df-Crefmirlimab  (enable tracking and measurement for efficacy)

ImaginAb is ready to ship both pre-clinical and GMP material directly to research or clinical sites in the United States.

For more information about enhancing the development of your cell-based products with 89Zr-Oxine cell labeling, contact: