Stunning Molecular Detail, Same-Day Imaging

ImaginAb is developing a robust pipeline of imaging products that leverage the exquisite specificity of monoclonal antibodies to create precise images of disease activity.

Our scientists have re-engineered antibodies into fragments, called minibodies, which are linked to a radioisotope to enable safe, rapid and detailed illumination of targeted cells. This proprietary process ensures that the minibody is inert and does not exert any additional effects on the body aside from illuminating the relevant targets.

Patients receive our imaging agents prior to a routine full-body scan with Positron Emission Tomography (PET). PET scanning is available and commonly used at nearly every major U.S. hospital to evaluate a range of diseases. ImaginAb’s technology produces images that provide a full-body view of disease activity and drug response, offering important insights at critical points of the patient care journey.

Our Imaging Advantages

ImaginAb re-engineers intact antibodies into smaller protein formats known as minibodies that offer significant benefits for imaging:

  • Inert /non-immunogenic, as the effector functions from full-length antibodies and the FcRN binding regions are removed
  • Fast clearing with superior tissue penetration compared with full-length antibodies, allowing for same-day imaging and visualization of disease that’s undetectable using conventional imaging
  • Non-glycosylated so protein heterogeneity is minimized
  • Superior tissue penetration
  • Steerable organ of clearance, important for proper imaging of certain types of cancer