ImaginAb announces partnership with Brand Institute to develop a global brand name for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology

Commencement of brand naming marks a significant milestone in the development of a brand identity for the market-leading CD8 ImmunoPET technology

ImaginAb Inc, a market-leading global biotechnology company focused on developing next generation immuno-oncology imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT), today announced it will be partnering with Miami-based branding agency, Brand Institute, on the development of a global brand name for ImaginAb’s CD8 ImmunoPET technology.

This follows the recent notification from the American Medical Association that the USAN Council has adopted the non-proprietary name crefmirlimab for the minibody, what was previously known as IAB22MC. As a result, ImaginAb’s CD8 ImmunoPET technology is now known as 89Zr-Df-crefmirlimab.

Development of 89Zr-Df-crefmirlimab’s brand name is the next and final naming milestone in the development of this new and exciting technology. Radiopharmaceutical imaging agent brand name development is a uniquely challenging endeavor, typically requiring the support of a naming agency that specializes in the discipline.

Commenting on the announcement, Ian Wilson, President & Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb stated:

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Brand Institute, the global leader in pharmaceutical and healthcare-related brand name development. Brand Institute has a decades-long track record of developing blockbuster pharmaceutical brand names, and their team of regulatory experts is unmatched in the industry.”

ImaginAb CD8 ImmunoPET technology is currently in phase II clinical trials and is used by a number of the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies within their own pre-clinical and clinical trials through a number of non-exclusive commercial partnerships.

Brand Institute is grateful for the opportunity to partner with ImaginAb on the development of a brand name and identity for 89Zr-Df-crefmirlimab,” said James L. Dettore, Brand Institute’s Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to work alongside this truly disruptive company that is reimagining radiopharmaceutical imaging and the potential it has for improving treatment outcomes for immune oncology patients.”

The final brand name will be subject to FDA and alternative global health authority approval.

About ImaginAb

ImaginAb Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing radiopharmaceutical imaging and therapy agents. ImaginAb engineer antibody fragments called minibodies that maintain the exquisite specificity of full-length antibodies while remaining biologically inert in the body. Used with widely available PET Imaging technology and therapeutic isotopes, these novel minibodies bind specifically to cell surface targets, providing physicians with a whole-body picture of immune activity and the potential to treat cancer.

ImaginAb is advancing a pipeline of Minibodies against both oncology and immunology targets. The Company is backed by top tier venture capital firms and strategic corporate firms including, Adage Capital, The Cycad Group, Norgine Ventures, TRC, Jim Pallotta of the Raptor Group, The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, and Merck (MSD) Pharma.

About CD8 ImmunoPET

The 89Zr CD8 Immuno-PET agent (89Zr-Df-IAB22M2C) is a 89Zr-labelled minibody that binds the CD8 receptor on human T cells and is used for quantitative, non-invasive PET imaging of CD8 T cells in patients. CD8 T cells are the main effector cells involved in the immune response against tumor cells induced by immunotherapies and they also play a key role in multiple autoimmune diseases. As such, quantitative imaging of CD8 T cells can be used to diagnose the immune status of a patient, to measure the efficacy of immunotherapies and predict patient outcomes.

For further information please contact:

Preeti Chana

Marketing & Communications Manager, ImaginAb