ImaginAb announces major expansion of pipeline as it extends into Radiopharmaceutical Therapies (RPT) to address unmet needs in oncology

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Experienced in-house R&D team, with its track record and capability for discovery and undertaking clinical development, coupled with its R&D facilities and core platform technology, will enable rapid discovery and progression of ImaginAb RPT agents.

ImaginAb, Inc., a market leading global biotechnology company focused on developing next generation

ImmunoPET imaging agents and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and with a history of taking agents into

clinical trials, has today announced an expansion of its development pipeline with six active programs

focused on Radiopharmaceutical Therapies (RPT), targeting a number of cancer indications.

These programs are currently moving through lead selection and IND-enabling studies with a view to the

most promising candidates entering clinical trials during 2023.

The RPT pipeline uses ImaginAb’s core biological technology platform which utilizes antibody fragment

technologies to deliver high tumor specificity and uptake, whilst providing faster blood clearance to reduce

off-target toxicities and irradiation.

This technology allows agents to be tuned “just right” to provide the optimal radiopharmaceutical

characteristics, a term which ImaginAb refers to as the “Goldilocks Criteria”.

These advantages bring the potential to treat more cancer patients with RPT thereby increasing the

potential for radiopharmaceuticals to provide greater impact in treating a range of cancer types.

Ian Wilson, CEO stated

“RPT is gaining significant clinical and commercial interest. However, many of the agents have, to date,

focused on small molecules, peptides, or intact antibodies. We believe antibody fragments based on

ImaginAb IP protected platform offer greater potential in providing next generation RPT agents, by

increasing delivery to tumors and reducing off target toxicity.

Our plan is to focus our R&D team on our RPT programs, expanding our pipeline, and taking

candidate RPT agents through IND-enabling studies during 2022 with a view to commencing clinical

studies during 2023”.

To make this happen, ImaginAb has established dedicated and experienced in-house Discovery, Clinical,

and Operations Teams, enabling the business to undertake lead discovery including efficacy screening,

radiochemistry optimization, and multicentre clinical trials with therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Wilson continued

“Our developing RPT pipeline will extend our product portfolio, and add significant value to our

business as we continue to move forward to achieve our vision of helping patients live better

and healthier lives”