ImaginAb announces License and Supply Agreement with Bayer for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology

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Los Angeles, CA, USA, Dec 16, 2021 – ImaginAb, Inc., a market leading global biotechnology company focused on developing next generation ImmunoPET imaging agents and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals (RPT), today announced the signing of a new multi-year, non-exclusive license agreement with Bayer.

Under the agreement, ImaginAb will license and supply clinical doses of its investigational CD8 ImmunoPET technology (zirconium Zr 89 crefmirlimab berdoxam) to Bayer for use in the clinical development of several of its investigational novel oncology assets at clinical sites across multiple countries.

Commenting on the announcement, Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb said “We are excited that Bayer will incorporate our CD8 ImmunoPET technology in their clinical trials. Working closely together, our aim is to understand therapeutic efficacy and treatment outcomes in cancer patients in clinical trials more precisely and earlier.”

“ImaginAb is actively investing in the clinical and global supply chain development of its CD8 ImmunoPET (zirconium Zr 89 crefmirlimab berdoxam) technology to provide simple access to this novel and market leading investigational technology,” Wilson continued. “Our ultimate goal is to gain regulatory approval of this technology in multiple geographies that will enable the widespread use and adoption of 89Zr-Df-crefmirlimab to ultimately help patients find the best oncology treatment for their cancer. Working with leading pharmaceutical companies on clinical trials such as Bayer will help us achieve our vision.”

“CD8 T cells play such a pivotal role in immunotherapy of many cancers and zirconium Zr 89 crefmirlimab berdoxam is becoming one of the most widely used PET imaging technologies by pharmaceutical and biotech companies in CIT clinical trials to track CD8 cells in study subjects.”