Dave Won, ImaginAb's New Sales Account Executive

Dave Won, ImaginAb’s Sales Account Executive joins us as an experienced Business Development professional, who has held previous roles in the Immuno-Oncology field. Dave shares why he chose ImaginAb and what he looks forward to achieving in his new role at ImaginAb.

In my opinion, ImaginAb is pioneering an unparalleled solution in drug development with CD8 ImmunoPET Imaging. The result is a non-invasive, real-time whole-body measurement of CD8 cells that will deliver information on whether patients’ tumors are inflamed and whether they will or will not respond to treatment.

In my new role at ImaginAb, I have found great excitement and a greater sense of urgency to support our pharma partners in deploying the potential use of CD8 ImmunoPET in future clinical trials. One of my key tasks is to help our pharma partners leverage our advanced technology to deliver more precise, timely immune response data without sacrificing patient comfort and ease.

I’m looking forward to having many future conversations with the immuno-oncology community on how ImaginAb can be a leading global partner in the field of ImmunoPET imaging, to support clinical decision-making, and identify treatment response quicker.

Check out Dave's profile on the Meet our Team page. Reach out to Dave Won by emailing, dwon@imaginab.com.