CD8 - Targeted PET Imaging Study is Front Cover News of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine in May 2022 Edition

We are excited to share the news that our CD8 Imaging agent (Crefmirlimab) Phase I paper has been published and featured as “article of the month” and on the front cover of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, edition Vol. 63, Issue 5, published May 2022. Click here to see the front cover and article

This is a great achievement for Team ImaginAb, and could not have been possible without continued support from our investors, clinical investigators, and business partners.

This is the first of many milestones we hope to achieve in the coming months and year as we progress the clinical development of Crefmirlimab, develop our Radiopharmaceutical therapy pipeline, and continued relationships with Pharma and Biotech. We hope to share further news in the coming weeks.