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Our CD8 ImmunoPET has a multi-functional biomarker for whole-body imaging of CD8 T cells to improve clinical development of novel immunotherapies.

We are also developing Zr-Oxine for ex vivo labeling of novel cell therapies, prior to infusion, to perform whole-body biodistribution of CAR T and other cellular therapies, using PET imaging.

If you are interested in discussing these technologies for use in your clinical trials, my colleagues and I will be in the Boston/Cambridge area during Q1-2022 and available to meet in person. We are all fully-vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 and would be happy to rapid-test prior to meeting, wear masks as appropriate, and meet off-site if desired.

Dates we will be in Boston and Cambridge

Monday to Friday, January 31st – February 4th
Ian Wilson, CEO, William Le VP Operations and Gareth Smith General Manager (Europe) - Meet the team

Monday and Tuesday, March 14th and 15th
Matthew Ennis (BD Director) and Gregory Frank (BD Director) - Meet the team

Monday to Friday, March 28th – April 1st
Matthew Ennis (BD Director) and Gregory Frank (BD Director) - Meet the team

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From concept to clinic, explore our innovative range of radiopharmaceuticals…

CD8 ImmunoPET imaging technology

CD8 ImmunoPET imaging technology

Our technology uses ‘minibody’ antibodies to scan patients head-to-toe, delivering an in-depth visual profile of immunity status, before, during and after treatment.

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Target RPT platform

Target RPT platform

Using our minibody and cys-diabodies platform technologies we are generating best in class RPT solutions, to kill tumor cells with targeted radiation.

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Round Table

ImaginAb, a market leading global biotechnology company focused on developing next generation ImmunoPET imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals (RPT) held its first round table event on December 2nd, 2021.

Entitled 'Imaging may improve decision making in early IO clinical trials', the event was an informative and lively debate with many questions raised and addressed.

A full list of the questions and the responses from our panel of experts, as well as a full recording of the event can be found by clicking on the links below and registering to enter our Knowledge Hub. Once registered, we will send you an email confirming your registration with a link to activate your account. Once activated, you can enter the Knowledge Hub.

Photo of Boston - Jacob Licht